It has been announced that United States has been in a recession since last year.  Wow, it must of been a slow news day because I think we all know we are in a recession.  We have all noticed that the  economy is slowing down.  People are being laid off, losing their homes and facing financial devastation; it is in the news every single day and I am positive that this recession was not a huge surprise.

As an Ameripan ibo you may be asking yourself whether or not you have what it takes to ride out the current economic storm.  My answer to this is that you have no other choice.  The millions of Americans and Canadians losing their jobs have no plan 'B'; they rely on a single source of income and someone else dictates whether or not they can keep their job.

As an entrepreneur only you can dictate whether or not you keep your business, and that being said I would love to ask you what my mentor once asked me, Janie, if not this - then what?

In free enterprise it is critical that you take awareness of the world around you.  You must adapt to social and economic issues in order to grow your enterprise even in a challenging situation.  You are blessed to have your own business and although you may not always feel free, you are in a position to create your future whereas the other 90% of the population are not.

People say that they do not have money to invest in a home based business or in your services and yet many of these same people, who feel victims to the economy, were out shopping on Black Friday for things they neither needed nor could they afford.

As an entrepreneur you are investing in your future.  You are creating a legacy.  You are doing today what others are not so you can do tomorrow what others can't.

To be an entrepreneur during this time means that you will have to work harder.  It may take a few more hours, a few more phone calls, a lot more effort to find the customers and business partners you are seeking.  My question is - are you willing to do it or would you rather align yourself with the millions of others sitting on the sidelines and complaining?

I remember when I enrolled into Ameriplan 5 years ago.   Finances were extremely tight and the economy was not that great. People slowed down and were not buying.  Because I had two small boys and I needed this business to work, I worked harder.  I worked on developing my skills and I worked very hard on learning how to advertise my Ameriplan business.  As a result my income did grow.

Once again Americans, Canadians and people all over the world are facing an economic slowdown.  You do not have to simply go with the flow and hope things get better.  You can do more, be more and work harder.  When the slowdown is over yours will be the business that goes into massive momentum while other people will simply be trying to start something.  I encourage you to be brave, be bold and apply your focus more than you have ever done in the past.

Michael and I, along with several of our team members, were fortunate to attend a Get Motivated Seminar here in Austin, Texas.   At this event we got to hear  from incredible speakers such as Rudolph Giuliani, (former mayor of NY),  Zig Ziglar, Dr. Robert Schuller, Rick Belluzo, Suze Orman and General Colin Powell.  

Many of these amazing speakers were talking about the recession  and what we need to do to rise above it.  One of my favorite speakers was Rick Belluzo (Legendary President of Microsoft).  He stated that today is a different world.  Neither the government nor the president are going to take care of us and  we need to stand up and build a business for us and our family.   He also talked about tax write offs and he encouraged  everyone to take advantage of them. 

What was so  inspiring about this event is that twelve thousand people were in attendence!  Many of them were  literally running to the back of the room to purchase material and information from the speakers. I honestly have never seen so many people grab their credit card so fast to buy material/information to help them build financial security.

Now is the time to plant seeds, build your business and look for the people who are willing to say "yes".  It may take more sorting, more action and more enhancements of your skills however in all challenge there is opportunity and you can seize this day and thrive when others will merely survive.  I encourage you to go for it like you have never done before.

The Freedom at Home Team leaders and Michael & I will be sending you weekly information on how to grow your business with no or very little money.  The newsletter/website will be called "Rising Above The Recession".  We will be showing you advertsing methods and techniques to help you grow your business. Together as a Team we will win and prosper during these times.  Together we will also be helping people that have no hope and give them an opportunity to believe again.     Together, we can go on a huge campaign to educate people about how they can create the life they only dream by building an AmeriPlan business (which is a recession-proof business because people will always need healthcare and a way to generate income).  We are excited about 2009 and we know we will be touching so many people's lives and together we will watch the change that takes place.

Below are 5 Things To Do Right Now In The Current Economy:
1.   Increase the number of  calls you normally make by 30% and have at least 30 people actively looking at your services or opportunity at any one time.

2.    Add at least 3 extra hours/week to prospecting for new members and business associates.

3.    Read books, listen to audios and do something daily to inspire yourself.

4.    Take a break from watching the news or reading it - this will help you stay positive.

5.  Get out and network with people, exchange business cards, and present yourself in a professional manner.  These are your future clients and although they may not say yes now they may in the future.

We are greatful to be in this business with you  and we are excited about your future in 2009!

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." -Winston Churchill 

Dream big, your dreams will see you through.
Janie and Michael Jones, NVP